Early Arrival Request Terms and Conditions 2016/17


If you have accepted your Licence Agreement for 2016/17, paid your accommodation booking fee and have a need to arrive earlier than your Licence start date you will be able to make a request to collect your keys and move in to your accommodation early, subject to room availability.

The earliest you can request to arrive is from Wednesday 14 September 2016. If you are staying in the Isambard Complex early arrival will only be granted from this date for students attending the Orientation programme, Student Union Contacts, Mentor/Hall Committee and Physiotherapy students, all other students would need to make alternative off-campus arrangements. If you are eligible to apply for an early arrival and need to arrive before Wednesday 14 September 2016 please contact your Residence Manager to check availability - please note that arrival before 14 September cannot be guaranteed.

Requests cannot be submitted after Friday 2 September 2016.

Charges for this period will be at the relevant nightly rate and these non-refundable charges are payable at the time of booking. Your booking will not be complete unless payment is made. Once the booking is complete you will be charged for those days whether you move in to your room or not as arrangements will have already been made for your room to be cleaned and made ready for your early arrival.

Because you will be arriving to take up your campus accommodation before the actual contract start date please note that you may be the only occupant of the flat until your flatmates move in on Sunday 18 September 2016. Also, please note that in order to facilitate your early arrival, your room will have been cleaned, but the communal areas of the flat (e.g. kitchen/bathrooms if it is a standard hall) may still require cleaning and therefore you may experience some inconvenience and disruption during this time. This is unavoidable due to maintenance being carried out in halls. During this week some of the rooms/flats will be used for viewings during the University open days - residents may experience some disturbance during this time.

Wired internet access may not be available during your early arrival booking period.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to make every effort to accommodate you in the same room as your main allocation some students may be placed in a temporary room until their allocated accommodation is available and ready.